17:25 – 18:15 / Tent

Thundering drums, screaming guitars and bass that will make your ears bleed, Amberjacks rocks without any concessions. The best way to describe their ‘Dirty Down South’ sound you ask? Led Zeppelin and Lynyrd Skynyrd decided to have a
baby…. Amberjacks.

Coming from different corners of Limburg (NL), bringing their different musical backgrounds to the table (Callenish Circle, Exit31, $400Suits, RedZoneCuba) they found common ground and have merged into one All-Star band with only one purpose….to ROCK!

Their renowned energetic live performance with their no-nonsense attitude brings a wall of raw sound that will leave you dry, begging for more. They have earned their stripes in the live scene on a national and international level.

In the past ten years, they have shared the stage with bands such as Hawkwind, Peter Pan Speedrock, Gary Moore jr., Mothership and Damien Wilson.

Amberjacks 2nd album titled ‘The Ride’ has just been released on vinyl and the band is gearing up ready to hit the stage coming to a town near you.

“Buckle up peeps cause it’s gonna be one hell of a Ride……” – Amberjacks –